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KAIZEN GENERAL CONTRACTING FOR BUILDING  (KGCB) is a Kuwait based corporation that targets construction works and building related supplies and services. We are an ambitious team of engineers, supervisors, workers, administrative personnel and other staff members, who all work in harmony to deliver the best work quality. Respect and commitment to customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of settlements with our business partners.


Our services

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Projects Management

Kaizen General Contracting for Buildings studies projects, determines appropriate budgets for the project, and chooses appropriate solutions


Kaizen General Contracting for Buildings has experience in maintenance work and is characterized by providing skilled technical workers and quick response to maintenance work for all civil, plumbing and electrical items for your home or building


Kaizen General Contracting for Buildings has the ability and efficiency to construct and implement buildings and facilities according to specifications


15Years of experience



Smart Technology


We are an ambitious team of supervising engineers, administrative staff and workers who all work in harmony to deliver the best quality of work.


Amazing Projects






Quality Employee

Why Choose Kaizen

One of our most important priorities is to carry out the works according to the specifications and scope as agreed upon with our clients. Also, we are always keen on honesty and integrity in dealing with the owner. We also have engineers, technicians and highly qualified workers to carry out the work.

Our Clients

Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers, and our prosperity is based on providing them with the best services, solutions and programs that suit their needs at the highest quality levels. Our customers are partners of success and their satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

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